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* There may be have been minor fluctuations in prices since the last time the price list was updated.

Snacks & Sandwiches

Breakfast 10.00 €
In American type buffet breakfast offering at least 30 delicacies.Beef Carpaccio 10.00 €
with vinaigrette and rocket salad

Prosciutto &Melon 10.00 €
on parmesan biscuits

Smoked Salmon Rolls 7.50 €
with mascarpone and wild radish on a bed of green salad

Pancakes 5.50 €
i. with chicken, bacon, cheese, mushrooms and cream
ii.with cheese, ham, bacon and mushrooms and cream

The Special Omelet 6.00 €
with cheese, ham, bacon, peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomato

The Vegetarian Omelet 5.00 €
with peppers, onions, mushrooms, carrots and pumpkin

The Greek Omelet 5.00 €
with feta cheese, gouda and tomato

The Pyramid Toast 5.30 €
A “pyramid” of toasted bread, omelet, lettuce, cheese, turkey and tomato

The Club Sandwich 5.50 €
with cheese, ham, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and French fries

Salmon’s Crostini 5.50 €
Rolls of smoked Salmon with cheese cream, on toasted slices of baguette.

The Classic Sandwich, 4.50 €
with cheese, ham, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise

The Greek Sandwich 4.50 €
with feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, olives, oregano and mayonnaise in black baguette

The Turkey’s Baguette 4.00 €
with cheese, turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise

The Manouri Baguette 4.00 €
with manouri, tomato and lettuce

The Tuna Baguette 5.50 €
with tuna, lettuce, egg, tomato, onions and mayonnaise


Fish soup 8.00 €
With fresh fish and vegetables

Shrimp Soup 8.00 €
with shrimps and vegetables

Chicken Soup 6.00 €
with tender pieces of chicken and oil with lemon dressing

Vegetable Soup 5.00 €
with fresh vegetables

The Yellow Pumpkin’s cream 6.50 €
With crème from yellow pumpkin and ginger flavor

The Smoked Salmon’s Cream 8.00 €
With whole salmon pieces

Cool Tomato Soup 5.00 €
Cool soup with fresh tomato and vegetables


Bruschetta with Mozzarella 3.30 €
Toasted bread from white or black baguette with garlic flavor, mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil and oregano

Baby Tomato Croquettes 6.00 €
Baby tomatoes filled with a flavored mixture of cheeses, walnuts and basil, leaning on a biscuit of parmesan with pink, green and peppercorns.

Palette of Croquettes 7.30 €
Mini pita breads with Pasturma, stuffed “purses” with cheese blend and hazelnuts, sandwich of aubergines in breadcrumbs, baby tomato croquettes and flutes stuffed with gouda cheese and ham, compose a rich variety of croquettes.

Mushrooms glazed lemon 5.50 €
Pleurotous (fine mushrooms variety) grilled and glazed with lemon, garlic and honey and served with rosemary dressing

Stuffed Mushrooms 5.00 €
Champignons stuffed with a blend of cheeses in the oven

Stuffed Avocado 5.00 €
Extra virgin olive oil, when combined with colorful peppers, feta cheese, olives, tomato and parsley, have as a result a fresh mixture in the heart of an Avocado

Chef’s Potato 5.00 €
Slices of baked potato alternately with cheese, ham and bacon under a smooth cheese blend sauce

Grilled Vegetables 7.00 €
Slices of peppers, aubergines, courgettes , tomatoes and mushrooms grilled and served with a rosemary dressing

Pan-fried Vegetables 5.50 €
Peppers, aubergines and courgettes pan fried and served with homemade tzatziki

Aubergine Rolls 5.50 €
Aubergines rolls, stuffed with chicken, mushrooms and mozzarella. Baked in the oven under layers of cheese

Napoleon 6.00 €
Milfeig with aubergines and slices of tomato and Haloumi, with vinaigrette sauce of fresh basilica

Homemade Aubergine Salad 4.50 €
musse au smoked auberigne mixed with feta cheese and walnuts

Supreme Starters

Fondue “Enavlion” 12.00 €
Fondue with cheese ‘s variety and tomato. Served with cubes of baked potatoes and toasted bread

Gyros “Enavlion” 6.30 €
Tender pieces of pork fillet, Gruyere cheese, emmental cheese and fresh tomato on pita bread

Kebab on the grill 6.00 €
With 3 kinds of minced meat , baked tomato, yoghurt dip flavored with peppermint and Arabian pita bread

Villager’s Sausage Kleftiko 6.00 €
The traditional Greek dish with villager’s sausage, vegetables and feta cheese cooked in baking paper.

Chicken’s Nest piquant 6.30 €
Spicy pieces of chicken with mustard in a tortilla “nest”

Pork with cheese’s Fondue 8.00 €
Smooth cheese fondue accompanied by sautéed pieces of pork fillet

Octopus 8.50 €
Octopus on the grill, with tomato cubes, onions, parsley and olives

Octopus Salad 7.30 €
Octopus mixed with pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, caper and little salty cucumber

Stuffed Dolmades with sea food 7.30 €
A mixture of shrimps, squid, octopus, mussels in combination with rice, vegetables and fir-cone in lettuce leaves under a velvet dressing

Stuffed Aubergines with Shrimps 6. 00 €
Stuffed aubergine with shrimps, feta cheese and spicy tomato sauce in the oven

Marinated Sardines 5.50 €
Sardines marinated between honey glazed onion slices and baked tomatoes rounded by toasted garlic-bread

Mussels Baked in Oven 6.00 €
Mussels baked and flavored with garlic

Sardines with sautéed Spinach 6.00 €
Grilled sardines with on a bed of sautéed spinach with flavored olive oil – lemon dressing

Fried Sardines 6.00 €
Sardines pan fried


La Terrasse “Cake” 7.50 €
Layers of green salad in combination with a variety of dry fruits and a soft yoghurt dressing under cool mash of fresh tomatoes

Primavera 8.00 €
Pieces of fried Haloumi, on tender leaves of rocket and lettuce with fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, crispy layers of bacon rounded by Arabian pita bread

Pandesia 7.80 €
Cubes of melon and watermelon, flakes of feta cheese and walnuts under a vinaigrette of black sugar on a bed of green salad

“La Terrasse” 11.00 €
A combination of spinach, lettuce, Pleurotous mushrooms, grilled Talagani (kind of cheese), sun-dried tomatoes, crispy prosciutto and bacon vinaigrette

Sirina 6.30 €
Bit root and lettuce salad under a bit root vinaigrette, in combination with garlic flavoured mousse au yoghurt and walnuts

Enavlion 8.50 €
An abundance of different kind of vegetables with pieces of chicken, marinated with orange and ginger, walnuts, sesame and an exotic orange dressing

Sylvia 8.00 €
Juicy grilled chicken fillets, with baked potatoes, tender pieces of broccoli, rocket leaves and tomato slices covered by a fresh yoghurt dressing and walnuts

Mare 7.00 €
Frutti di Mare mixed with leaves of fresh green salad, colorful peppers, carrot, sun-dried tomatoes, and crouton and lemon vinaigrette

Markesia 10.00 €
Tender prosciutto slices, on a bed of lettuce, rocket, spinach and red cabbage, accompanied with dry fruits, raisins and grapes under a sweet and sour dressing of honey and balsamic and parmesan biscuits

Poseidonia 10.00 €
Rolls of smoked salmon and pieces of manouri cheese over a bed of green salad with tomatoes, crouton and pecorino layers glazed with sesame.

Caesar’s 7.00 €
Fresh lettuce leaves combined with pieces of chicken, bacon, corn, crouton under layers of parmesan and rich Caesar’s dressing

Chef’s Chicken Salad 6.00 €
Freshly-picked lettuce with tomato, chicken, cucumber, crispy slices of bacon and pieces of cheese and egg under a layer of pink sauce

Chef’s Tuna Salad 6.00 €
Freshly-picked lettuce with tuna, tomato, cucumber, corn, beans, onions and pieces of cheese and egg under a rich layer of chef’s sauce

Choriatiki – Greek Salad 5.00 €
Tomato, cucumber, peppers, onion, olives, caper and feta sprinkled with olive oil, has as a result one of the most popular salads worldwide

Rukola 6.00 €
Leaves of rocket and lettuce in combination with sun-dried and fresh tomatoes, galotyri (Greek specialty with feta as base), sesame and parmesan

Mixed Salad 4.50 €
An assortment of lettuce, cabbage, chopped carrots, tomato and cucumber in olive oil

Tomato & Cucumber Salad 3.00 €
A combination of tomato, cucumber, onions and the popular Thasos olives

Lettuce Salad 3.00 €
Tender leaves of lettuce sliced and mixed with freshly-picked onions, olives and sprinkled with olive oil and balsamic

Tzatziki 3.00 €
Traditional Greek appetizer with yoghurt, flavoured with cucumber and garlic

Tyrosalata 3.00 €
A spicy Greek traditional dip with Feta-cheese as main ingredient



Lobster Spaghetti 18.00 €

Shrimps Spaghetti 12.00 €
with shrimps in tomato sauce with basil or in cream sauce with a touch of Roquefort

Black Tagliattelle with cuttlefish and tomato sauce 10.00 €

Papardelle Stroganoff 12.00 €
with tender pieces of beef fillet, mushrooms and cream


Panzeroti with mushrooms boletus and cheeses 10.00 €

Rettancoli pink with salmon 10.00 €
cheeses and anise with mascarpone and vodka

Tortellagi with Greek cream cheese and spinach 10.00 €


Rizoto with mushrooms and white truffle’s oil 8.00 €

Rizoto with shrimps rocula and baby tomatoes 10.00 €


Marinara with shrimps, mussels and squid in tomato sauce 9.00 €

Spaghetti with lemon sauce, mussels and mascarpone , 8.00 €

Spaghetti with sardines marinate garlic and parsley 7.50 €

Carbonara with bacon, mushrooms , eggs, and cream 8.00 €

Bolognese with tomato sauce and minced meat 7.00 €

Neapolitan with tomato sauce 6.00 €


Primavera with vegetables and cream 7.50 €

Quattro Formaggi with a rich sauce made of four kinds of cheese 7.50 €

Salmon with smoked salmon vodka, cheese’s cream and anise 9.00 €


Cosa Nostra 8.00 €
with aubergines, bacon and fresh mushrooms in tomato sauce

Special 8.00 €
with ham ,bacon ,minced meat ,cheeses and cream sauce

Pepperoni 8.00 €
with sausage , mushrooms , pepper and sauce with haloumi cheese and cheddar cheese

Mediterranean 7.00 €
baked in the oven with feta cheese and fresh tomato marinated with a touch of olive and basil


Napoli with fresh mushrooms in tomato sauce 7.30 €

Bolognese with tomato sauce and minced meat 8.00 €

Ala Creme with ham, bacon, mushrooms, peppers and cream 8.30 €


Chicken fillet Grilled 8.00 €
Grilled chicken fillet flavored with a touch of butter and served with mash potatoes and vegetable salad

Chicken fillet in Lemon Sauce 8.50 €
Grilled chicken fillet in lemon sauce, with roasted garlic and thyme, served with flavored rice and green salad

Chicken fillets in Champagne 10.50 €
Tender pieces of chicken fillet in a rich champagne sauce with 3 kinds of peppers and fresh mushrooms. Served with baked potato and wild rice

Chicken & Mastic 9.00 €
Chicken fillets with feta cheese, walnuts and mastic flavor

Chicken Provencal 8.50 €
Chicken fillet covered by a layer of tomato sauce, with melted cheese and ham Provencal style. Served with mousse au aubergines and French fries

Stuffed Chicken Rolls 10.00 €
Rolls of chicken fillets stuffed with cheese-crème, Gruyere cheese and sun dried tomatoes under white sauce with pink pepper. Served with mashed sweet potatoes.

Stuffed Grilled Chicken Fillet with 8.50 €
1. feta cheese, tomato, peppers and olives or
ii. mushrooms saute with garlic flavor and cheese
Served with potatoes Provencal and salad

Chicken Souvlaki 8.50 €
Chicken on a skewer, with kinds of herbs and lemon, served with Arabian pita bread and French fries

Chicken Souvlaki and Pineapple 9.50 €
Marinated pieces of Chicken alternately with pineapple and vegetable pieces grilled and served with wild rice and vinaigrette of ginger and pineapple.

Marinated Chicken legs 8.00 €
Chicken legs marinated in spices, soya and honey. Served with mashed celeriac and flavored rice

Cazu Carry 8.50 €
Crispy pieces of chicken fillet in breadcrumbs with a soft carry sauce and steamed flavored rice

Chicken Fingers 8.50 €
Juicy chicken fillets with a crispy spicy crust, served with French fries and mustard sauce.

Duck fillets & Orange 16.00 €
Tender duck fillets in orange sauce, served with caramelized slices of orange and Tagliatelles.

Medallions of Duck 16.00 €
Under rich raspberry sweet and sour sauce, with sautéed vegetables and wild rice

Pork Steak Fillet

Pork Steak Fillet 9.50 €
Soft pieces of pork steak fillet, flavored with butter from cheese and served with mashed sweet potato and sauteed vegetables.

Stuffed Pork Steak 10.50 €
Stuffed pork steak fillet with cheese, bacon and mushrooms grilled and served on baked tomatoes with French fries and salad aside

Pork Steak Medallion 11.00 €
Tender pieces of pork steak fillet on baked potato disks, under a rich cheese blend sauce. Served with Al Fredo broccoli

Pork Steak in Honey &Mustard 10.50 €
Pork steak fillet cooked with thyme, honey and mustard and served with homemade mash sweet potatoes and onions in caramel

Prosciutto Pork Steak 14.50 €
Pork steak fillet with Prosciutto under a velvet Gorgonzola sauce. Served with mousse au aubergines and broccoli buckets

Pork Steak with Plums &Nuts 11.50 €
Tender pork steak fillet stuffed with plums in sweet and sour
plum’s sauce with nuts and appricots. Served with wild rice

Pork Steak Byzantine 11.00 €
Pork fillets with pomegranate sauce on rosettes of groats and mousse au Aubergine.

Pork Steak in Bacon Vinaigrette 11.50 €
Pork fillet served with lentils’ salad, vegetables and bacon vinaigrette

Beef Steak

Maitre d’ Hotel 12.50 €
Tender beef fillet grilled and flavored with Maitre d’ Hotel butter with homemade mash sweet-potatoes and salad

Adrecote in Spicy Crust 14.50€
Served on a bed of mushrooms and rocket salad with Brandy sauce and mash potatoes

Rib Eye in Wine Sauce 13.50 €
Rib Eye from beef lying on medallions of baked potatoes in wine sauce with sautéed vegetables

Fillet in Mustard Sauce 14.00 €
Beef fillet in mustard sauce with fresh mushrooms and white wine with baked potato and broccoli

Stuffed Beef Rolls 15.00 €
Beef rolls stuffed with cheese, ham, mushrooms, bacon and pine nuts covered by a velvet champagne sauce and served with flavored rice

Tagliata from Adrecote 12.00 €

Thin slices of beef fillet with mashed aubergines and 2 kinds of sauce of your preference:
i. Ala crème ii. Madera iii. Pepper iv. Béarnaise

Jack Daniels Steak 15.00 €
A tender beef steak under a special Jack Daniels sauce, with caramelized potatoes in caramel and mousse au celeriac.

Marinated beef souvlaki 12.00 €
Tender marinated pieces of beef fillet on a skewer with onions, baby tomatoes and bread. Served with potatoes Provencal style and vegetables

Mountain‘s rib steak 12.00 €
with fried onions, French fries and salad

Beef Steak (Veal) 12.00 €
A juicy beef steak from veal, with flavored potatoes in oven and vegetables

Chateaubriand (2 persons) 30. .00 €
Tender pieces of beef fillet grilled and accompanied by two hot sauces, a variety of side dishes and salad.

Meat Compilation

Meat Variety La Terrasse (1 person) 16.00 €
A special selection of an entrecote with spicy crust, a medallion of pork steak fillet on layers of baked potatoes with cheese blend sauce, a pork souvlaki rounded by cheese and bacon, a stuffed chicken fillet with cheese blend, dried fruits and sun-dried tomatoes. Served with mashed potatoes an salad.

Meat Variety (for 1 person) 11.00 €
A selection of pork souvlaki, lamb chops, villager’s sausage, stuffed beef burger and chicken souvlaki. Served with French fries, salad and pita bread

Lamb Chops 9.00 €
Lamb chops grilled and served with potatoes, groats and mint sauce aside

Lamb souvlaki 10.00 €
Soft bites of lamb grilled and marinated with a variety of flavors. Served with pita bread, French fries, groats and yoghurt dressing aside

Pork Souvlaki 7.80 €
The traditional Greek souvlaki with pita bread, French fries and tzatziki

Pork Souvlaki Supreme 8.50 €
Pork souvlaki rounded by layers of cheese and bacon. with mousse au aubergines, French fries and baked tomatoes

Pork Steak “Kare” 8.00 €
Pork steak honey glazed with mousse au celeriac and wild rice

Smoked pork chop 10.00 €
with pepper sauce , mousse au sweet –potatoes and sautéed vegetables

Beef Burger 7.30 €
A juicy burger grilled with cabbage-yoghurt-mustard and vinaigrette flavored lemon juice and mashed potatoes

Greek Burger 8.00 €
Stuffed beef burger with cheese, under layers of melted feta cheese and tomato with green salad and potatoes Provencal style.

Liver from Beef 8.00 €
Grilled liver with balsamic and caramelized onions with mousse au celeriac

Schnitzel Enavlion 10.00 €
Tender fillet of pork or chicken in breadcrumbs with nuts, under a velvet mushrooms’ sauce with flavored rice and homemade mash potatoes

Schnitzel 8.00€
Pork or chicken with potatoes Provencal style and cabbage – yogurt salad

Schnitzel & Sauce 9.80 €
Schnitzel from pork or chicken with a sauce of your own preference:
i. A la creme ii. Tomato sauce
iii. Cheese blend sauce iv. Mustard sauce


Seafood Variety (grilled) 15.00 €
An assortment of squid, octopus, shrimps , sword fish souvlaki, shrimps with bacon souvlaki, musselsand sardines with flavored olive oil and lemon

Seafood Variety (fried) 10.50 €
An assortment of squid, mussels, shrimps and fried sardines, with garlic flavored mashed potatoes

Seafood Saganaki 9.30 €
Traditional Greek recipe with shrimps and mussels in spicy tomato sauce, gouda and feta cheese with flavored rice

Seafood in Cheese Blend 11.00 €
Shrimps and mussels with a touch of garlic and saffron in a rich cheese blend sauce with black caviar on baked potato.

Squid (Grilled) 10.00 €
Grilled squid under layers of fresh tomato sauce and lemon vinaigrette with spices with homemade mashed potatoes

Stuffed Squid Grilled 10.00 €
With spinach, feta cheese, and flavored vegetables with tomato sauce and groats

Squid (Fried) 8.00 €
Fried squid rolls served with French fries and green salad

Sole Fish Fillet 9.00 €
Sole fillet in a crispy crust with glazed slices of onions, bacon and sautéed mushrooms with parsley and muse au celeriac

Sole Normand 11.00 €
Sole fish fillet poached, in rich white sauce with shrimps, mussels and mushrooms. Served with flavored rice

Salmon in Champagne 12.00 €
Salmon fillets lying on baked tomatoes and glazed honey onions under a unique champagne sauce and served with mouse au celeriac

Salmon in Flavored Crust 9.50 €
Salmon grilled in Ouzo sauce with homemade mashed aubergines

Perch with Spinach 10.00 €
Perch fillet on a bed of spinach with white sauce flavored with blue cheese and served with sautéed vegetables

Sword fish on Aubergine’s bed 9.00 €
With pesto, tomato sauce and homemade mashed potatoes

Sword fish marinated 8.50 €
with mustard sauce or with lime sauce . Served with french fries and vegetables

Fish of the Day 9.00 €
Grilled and served with baked potato, green salad and olive oil and lemon dressing

Fish in Salty Crust 12.00 €
A juicy fish baked under a thick layer of salt and served with French fries, salad and olive oil and lemon dressing

Lobster 18.00 €
A juicy red lobster grilled and served with flavored butter, mayonnaise sauce and lemon vinaigrette
Pre-ordered at least a day prior

Lobster Spaghetti (per kilo)
A juicy red lobster served with spaghetti in rich sauce of fresh tomato
Pre-ordered at least a day prior

Variety of Cheese

Talagani “La Terrasse” 6.00 €
Cheese with origins from south of Greece, with a rich sauce of dry fruits, bacon and fir-cone

Mastelo “Enavlion” 5.50 €
A mastic (gummy) cheese from the island of Chios grilled with red and yellow peppers with a dressing of caramelized balsamic

Camembert 5.50 €
French soft cheese in breadcrumbs with sesame under smooth raspberry dressing

Halloumi 4.80 €
A Cypriot cheese grilled with fresh tomatoes and basil

Feta with Thyme-Honey 4.30 €
Feta cheese in breadcrumbs under a soft layer of Honey made from Thyme

Feta Piquant 4.50 €
Feta cheese cooked in the oven with Gouda cheese, fresh tomato, spicy peppers and oregano

Greek Feta Cheese 3.00 €
Traditional Greek Feta with virgin olive oil and oregano

Greek Cuisine

Beef in tomato sauce serves with: 8.50 €
French fries or rice or green beans or mousse au aubergines or okra

Stamna 9.00 €
Beef in Clay with aubergines, potatoes and feta cheese

Beef Stifado 8.50 €
Beef in tomato sauce served with sweet baby onions Greek style

Lamb Kleftiko 10.00 €
Lamb, cooked in the oven with potatoes, vegetables and spices and cheese, in a foil.

Lamb in Pot 10.00 €
Lamb in the oven with spices

Pastitsio 7.00 €
Luscious layers of seasoned ground beef, pasta, and a creamy bechamel sauce baked to perfection

Mousaka 7.50 €

Stuffed Peppers 6.50 €
With rice

Green Beans 6.00 €

Okra 6.00 €